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Temporary Parking Permits

There is no parking on any of the streets in Crystal between the hours of 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. Parking Permits are available for on-street parking from April 1 to Nov. 30. There is no fee for a short-term parking permit (14 days or less). For a short-, or long-term parking permit, fill out the online Parking Permit Application here. There is no charge for the first permit, $35 for each additional permit.

Fire Arm Permit
Submit a Minnesota Uniform Firearm Applications/ Receipt Permit to Purchase/ Transfer form.

Request a Police Report
Visit the Request a Report page to request a copy of a police report.

Request a Crime Prevention Speaker
The City of Crystal can provide a speaker on crime prevention. The informative, detailed presentations cover identity theft, personal safety and residential or office security. For more information, contact Sgt. Brandon Dorr at 763-531-1047, [email protected].

Request a Police Department Tour
Contact Sgt. Brandon Dorr, 763-531-1047, [email protected] to arrange a tour of the police department for your community group.

Request to Host a Block Party
Print out and submit this  Block Party Request Form or submit the online form below before hosting any block party that requires blocking a public roadway or intersection.
A minimum two-week notification period is required prior to the block party to schedule police or fire personnel.

Block Party Request Form
Contact person: 
Daytime phone: 
Address and zip: 
 Party location:

I would like to block off (street): 
at the intersection of ___ and ___:

Number of cones (0-4):  

Beginning and ending time: 


Security Measure
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