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Animal Control Officer

Tom Mahan
P: 763-531-5161

Animal Ordinance
In 1967, the City of Crystal adopted a comprehensive ordinance regulating the keeping of dogs, cats and other animals. The following is designed to inform you of your responsibilities.

Dogs do NOT require a license within the city; however, it is required by law that all dogs, cats and ferrets be vaccinated for rabies to protect themselves and others.

Number of Allowable Pets
A residence may have up to 3 dogs or up to 3 cats or a combo of up to 2 dogs/2 cats, over the age of six months. A kennel license would need to be applied for to go over these limits up to 5 pets. No kennel license can be issued to anyone living within 50 feet of a licensed food establishment. A city private kennel license application can be found by clicking here.

Leash Law
Your dog, cat or other pet MUST be effectively restrained at all times by a leash not in excess of 6 feet in length when off of your property. This does not apply if your dog, cat or other pet is on your own property on a leash or in a fenced-in yard if it is outside your home or kennel and/or under the immediate supervision and verbal command of a responsible person.

The city has designated off leash pet exercise areas at Bassett Creek Park year round; Iron Horse, Welcome and Valley Place seasonally inside the hockey rinks.

Impound Law/Animal Bite
Any pet capable of transmitting rabies, that has bitten a person, must be impounded for a period of 10 days at the city's impound facility. If you have been bitten or if your pet has bitten a person you must contact the police department as soon as possible by calling 911.

The city's regulations cover how you must take care of your pet to the extent that it does not create a problem. No person shall keep any dog, cat or other animal(s) in the city in an unsanitary place or condition, or in a manner which results in odors, or such noise, or in such a way as to permit the animal(s) to annoy, injure or endanger any person or property. When off their property, pet owners must have in their possession suitable utensils for the removal of animal excrement and shall promptly and effectively remove all such excrement deposited by the animal under their control. On their own property pet excreta must be cleaned up from the yard frequently. This material must be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Other Animals
Only certain animals are permitted to be kept in the city. No person shall keep or harbor any animal in the city except dogs, cats and other traditional household pets within any part of the city that is zoned residential. This means that pets such as sheep, horses and ducks cannot be kept in residential areas. The exception is that a residence may have one pot-bellied pig, and up to four hen chickens (no roosters). Other requirements for keeping of chickens can be found by clicking here.

Wild, exotic or vicious animals may not be kept in Crystal. Wild animals are those that are wild by nature and not easily or typically domesticated. This includes but is not limited to: large non-domestic cats, wolves, wolf/dog hybrids, bears, non-human primates, raccoons.

Lost or Found Pets
Pet owners who have lost or found an animal should contact the Crystal Police Department at 952-258-5321, the city's impound facility PUPS at 763-494-5999 and the Animal Humane Society at 763-489-2204. All attempts will be made to return a stray pet with any identification on its collar to the owner. Unidentified stray animals will be brought to the PUPS facility. Anyone who finds a stray pet in Crystal should call the police dispatcher at 952-258-5321. An officer will be sent to pick up the animal.

Pet owners should keep in mind that pets are considered personal property, and the owner can be held liable for their pet's actions. Violation of the city ordinances relating to pets may result in citations and fines. For more information about pet ordinances in Crystal, call Animal Control at 763-531-5161. If you need to report a pet violation that is occurring, please call Crystal police dispatch at 911 or at 952-258-5321.

We hope this serves to explain the animal regulations in the City of Crystal. If you have any questions concerning these requirements, additional questions, or complaints regarding an animal, please feel free to call the Animal Control Officer at 763-531-5161.

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